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About me

Some information about me and my methods 


About me

Galina Tyukhtina,

life therapist

For more than 10 years, I have been helping people find their way in their life such as a personal and professional, develop their personal skills, clarify and achieve their goals, identify and manifest their potential. Someone calls me a coach, someone a psychologist, and someone just a sorceress. What you call me is up to you. I am just a guide that lights your path.

I use different methods of work from traditional (Gestalt therapy, coaching) to modern and field ones (work with the five elements, runes, constellations).

I constantly improve my education and apply the learned methods in practice. Initially having a financial and economic education and having worked in business for over 20 years (startups, large corporations, medium-sized businesses), I also received a psychological education at the St. Petersburg Gestalt Institute in order to be able to work with people, helping them expand their horizons and explore themselves and their possibilities.

In addition to classical education, I have experience in working with constellations, the five elements and archetypes, runes and Tarot cards.

I got my Master's degree in Psychology at Pace University, New York in May, 2023 and was licensed as an associate marriage and family therapist, New Jersey (LAMFT) in June, 2023. I work under supervision as an Intensive In-Community (IIC) Provider at Jersey Innovative Services, New Jersey.


Follow the client's motions

We are all different, with our own treats, values, and beliefs. Each of us needs an individual approach. I do not have a universal answer to all questions. Depending on who comes to me and what topic we are working on, the right tool, method, and movement is chosen. I can say one thing for sure: I only work with those who have a request, who are ready to move forward and work with themselves to assemble their new configuration. If you just have a desire to talk and at the same time you do not intend to change anything in your life, it is better to find another specialist, because with me your life will never be the same.


My certificates/diploma/license

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