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Fall harvest, or What goes around comes around

The Wheel of the Year is turning, and Fall is slowly beginning to come into our life. It's time to look at the results of our summer work and evaluate what fruits the fall harvest will bring. To do this, I propose to use the alignment, which was kindly shared by Elizabeth Kotaeva, my Tarot teacher. She received this alignment from her colleague Veronika Zolotova (It is amazing that when creating layouts, the masters are happy to share them with others, giving everyone the opportunity to look at their picture of the world.) The alignment is called "Fall Rain" and helps one see what exactly awaits oneself in the fall months with a focus on the main aspects of life (health, personal life, finances, work) and what result one will enter in winter. The alignment can be done independently or you can email me and ask me to do it for you.

The scheme of the "Fall Rain" is shown in the picture above, and the meanings of the numbers are described below.

1. September events.

2. October events.

3. November events.

4. Personal life.

5. Work.

6. Health.

7. Financial sphere.

8. The surprise of autumn.

9. Bottom line (with what we will come to winter).

10. Council (advice).

Why Tarot cards are good for diagnosis.

Firstly, they allow you to see the big picture, possible trends, existing patterns, and what, in fact, is happening.

Secondly, if desired, the dropped card can be adjusted. There are some nuances here: how much the adjustment of one card affects the whole picture, whether there are possible options, how exactly you choose the adjustment (and whether you choose at all), and so on. In fact, you choose a strategy for developing yourself, the situation, the case.

Thirdly, Tarot cards allow you to conduct not only strategic, but also psychological analysis, give passages to different levels. In any case, working with Tarot is always a mix with the client’s request and how deep one is ready to dive, the master’s ability to read cards and the field, and allowing the Higher Forces to read the picture of the world.

P.S. The picture and alignment are given with the permission of the authors.

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