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Reflections on the Tarot and the Tree of Life

Interesting fact, if we consider Tiferet as a kind of ideal, and the Princes as a son, then it turns out that the birth of a son is an ideal development of events (maybe that is why most fathers expect sons and in many religions the birth of a son is a blessing for parents). Howbeit, something else can develop from the son, since Tiferet is not the end yet, but an intermediate ideal result.

At the same time, the daughter (Princess) is Malkhut, what happened in fact and, as they say, what has grown has grown. There can be no better or worse. The only thing that the result can strive for is destruction and rebirth of itself.

All this, in turn, gives rise to various philosophical fabrications and assumptions and can serve as an sapid topic for discussion and relationships arising from the contact of various sciences and systems.

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