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Find your way. Affirmations.

According to Wikipedia, an affirmation is “a positive statement, a short self-hypnosis phrase that creates the right mental attitude.” Sometimes in order to change something in your life or add a resource or just please yourself, just one phrase is enough. That is what I offer you today 😁

As always, at the very beginning, think about your question, task, situation for which you want to receive a positive statement for yourself. Although, maybe you just want to get the phrase of the day for yourself today. This is also possible.

After the question is formulated (exactly or abstractly, it's up to you), look at the 6 cards that are in front of you. Choose the one that resonates the most and open it in the gallery. Look at it. How did you feel when you saw the message on the card? To what extent does this correspond to your reality? Do you want to share it with the whole world, or will you keep it for yourself?

Repeat the chosen phrase several times. Connect with it. If you want to work deeper with affirmations, you can write the selected affirmation on paper from 5 to 10 times within 21 days. For more advanced users, you can write the phrase 5 times with your right hand and 5 times with your left.

Good luck! May the affirmation guide you on your path! 😍

  1. The more love I give, the more I receive

"Vibrating at the frequency of love, according to the Law of Attraction, we attract into our lives everything that vibrates at a similar frequency. That is why people who love both themselves and others receive so much love in their address."

2. I know how to make money.

"By forming such an idea in yourself, you develop a new way of thinking, new patterns of behavior that will lead to the fulfillment of desire. The Universe takes the signals that you give it and returns it to you a hundredfold."

3. I live freely and inspired

"Whatever limitations hinder you in this life, remember: they exist only in your imagination. Believe in yourself. Find support and inner strength within yourself. Have the courage to take decisive action. Take full responsibility for your life."

4. Every person is important and interesting to me.

"The formation of positive beliefs regarding relationships with other people will help you easily find a common language with others, gain authority, receive recognition of your merits and make new acquaintances."

5. I love and accept other people for who they are.

"True desires elevate and benefit both the person themselves and those around them. True desires evoke wholesome, healthy emotions. You just live in alignment with who you really are and enjoy helping others do the same."

6. I am so sorry.

"By repeating this phrase, you regret allowing the replaying of memories to manifest as problems. Memories will not leave you until you refuse them by yourself. The words “I am sorry” can be said even when you don't know the cause of the problems."

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