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Find your way. Runes

Recently we talked about choice, how to make it and what we choose from. When the choice is made, and we start moving along the chosen path, then we need resources to carry out our plans. Resources can be both material objects (money, real estate, tools, etc.) and intangible ones (knowledge, people, support of the Higher powers, etc.).

Considering that there was a new moon recently, and it’s good to start something new or strengthen, expand, fill what has already been started with the beginning of the growing moon, today I propose to find your resource for the implementation of the plan with the help of a runic deck (Runes’ Magic, Velimira).

You may well ask what will help me achieve my goal? Or what should I rely on to make my choice? Or maybe you just need a resource for recovery. Listen to yourself what at the moment you are most concerned about and the answer to which question you want to receive.

Hint: runes, like most metaphorical cards, do not give a yes or no answer. They show what to pay attention to when solving an issue, or where to get strength, or what can serve as an obstacle. Their energy can be used to solve specific issues or to request help from the Higher Forces. Moreover, it is better to use them when you definitely intend to do something, because, firstly, they will help you set the desired vector and acceleration, and secondly, the action of the runes cannot be canceled. That is, if you asked for something for the runes, and then said, oh, I changed my mind, and the process has already begun, then it will be difficult to stop their action.

In our case, we will simply diagnose from the point of view of the runes in order to solve your issue. If you work with runes and know how to activate them, then having received an answer to your question, you can activate the rune that has fallen out. If this is your first acquaintance with them, then just feel the energy they give to you personally.

Formulate your question (exactly or abstractly, it's up to you) and look at the 6 cards that are in front of you. Choose the one that resonates the most and open it in the gallery. Look at it. What associations come to you when you look at the picture? What sensations arise in the body? Do you feel forward movement, or vice versa, everything froze and stopped?

P.S. In today's selection, I recommend using only one card.

1. Ingus: Fertility, completion, well-being, fulfillment, integration, realization, exit. It can show both active actions aimed at the implementation of the project, and the proximity of its completion. In any case, everything speaks of a successful solution to the issue.

2. Mannaz: I, character, individuality, understanding, family, people in general as a community and system, relationships between people. It may mean that you need time for introspection, and before you decide the issue, think about what it is for you. It also suggests that a person can find the answer to a question in himself and through interaction with other people.

3. Jera: The rune of change, but not fast, but gradual, step by step. The solution to the issue will be favorable, it just takes time. This rune can be compared to the wheel of the year. If you wish, you can see at what stage you are, and what you need to do next. Also, it can show that you are at a turning point, making a key decision.

4. Isa: Stagnation, restraint, formation, expectation, detachment, delay, hidden process. Sometimes it can show that everything seems to be frozen and not moving, but in fact, options are possible here. The first is that the process is very slow and there is time to think. Second, there is an internal process. In any case, this rune makes it possible to carefully look and consider all the nuances of what is happening and look inside yourself and the process.

5. Pertho: Search, memories, mystery, hidden talents, abilities, or potential. Any steps that you take in resolving this issue will cause changes in yourself. It is possible that by solving this question you will learn a lot of interesting things about yourself. Also, it can show the arrival of something new in your life.

6. Sol: Healing, integrity, trust, restoration, direction. Rune of light, sun and fire. Rune of true leaders. Talks about success, radiance, victory. Can symbolize your finest hour. Now or never. Most importantly, remember the consequences. The sun can give light and food, or it can burn.

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