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Find your way. Working with Archetypes

Archetypes are primordial images that are known to everyone. They have certain characteristics inherent in the image, and according to Jung, these characteristics exist in the collective unconscious and can manifest themselves in our dreams. We get acquainted with archetypes through stories and legends, and they are so firmly embedded in our DNA that it is not difficult for us to understand what qualities we are talking about when we call someone Wizard or Mother Earth. Archetypes can be found in fairy tales, movies, religious treatises, tarot cards, and even in psychotherapy. They help us better understand ourselves and others, as well as choose a strategy to achieve a goal. Given that the Archetypes store a colossal amount of energy fed from the collective unconscious and centuries-old world existence, a person, if desired, can easily connect with the image and feel (awaken) the desired qualities of the Archetype. For instance, if you want to feel like a Magician, for this you need to connect with the Archetype of the Magician and imagine yourself as a creator who penetrates the secrets of the Universe easily and, using the power of the five elements, embodies what he wants in life.

In this regard, today I suggest that you choose a card of your Archetype. Think about your question. What issues would you like to solve with the Archetype? What qualities do you need to achieve your goal? Or maybe you just want to know one of your Archetypes?

After the question is formulated (exactly or abstractly, it's up to you), look at the 6 cards that are in front of you. Choose the one that resonates the most and open it in the gallery. Look at it. What associations come to you when you look at the Archetype? What opportunities does it open for you? Are you surprised/pleased/disappointed? Are you familiar with the qualities of this Archetype or is it something you have to learn?

In today's selection, I recommend using only one card. Write to me in the comments which card you got, and I will send you its transcript.

To strengthen the effect, you can additionally read about the Archetype in fairy tales. Also, I recommend at least once a day for a week to connect with the energies of the Archetype, and when moving towards the goal, ask yourself “What will my Archetype do in this case?” or “What qualities of the Archetype can I use to achieve a result”?

P.S. Today we will use the Archetypes and Shadows deck by Chuck Spezzano.

The first picture is The Leader

The second is The Clown

The third is The Lover

The forth is The Hero

The fifth is The Belle

The sixth is The Friend

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