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Find your way. Working with Shadows

Last week we got acquainted with the Archetypes, those images, forces, energies that help us move towards our goal, achieve it, translate it into reality. Today, I suggest that we look at the other side of the coin, our Shadows, what hinders and stops you on the way to your goal.

In fact, there a lot of energy is hidden in the Shadow, as well as in the Archetype, only this is the energy of fear, condemnation, and rejection. As soon as we accept our Shadow, we give it a place and openly look at it, saying: “I see you. You are a part of me”, we release a colossal amount of energy that goes (went) to resist and reject these qualities in ourselves and direct this energy to achieve the goal (result).

So, I suggest you choose your Shadow card. Think about your question. What is stopping you from reaching your goal? What qualities are you afraid to display? What essence of yourself are you hiding from yourself and others? What is holding you back on the path to realizing yourself and your projects?

After the question is formulated (exactly or abstractly, it's up to you), look at the 6 cards that are in front of you. Choose the one that resonates the most and open it in the gallery. Look at it. What associations come to you when you look at the Shadow? What opportunities does it open for you? Are you surprised or relieved (well, horror, but not horror-horror)? Are you familiar with the qualities of the Shadow, or is it something you carefully hide? How can it help you to get what you want?

In today's selection, I recommend using only one card. Write to me in the comments which card you got, and I will send you its transcript.

To strengthen the effect, you can additionally read about the Shadow in fairy tales. Also, I recommend working with the acceptance of the Shadow in the following way: try at least a couple of hours a day for a week to behave the way your Shadow would behave and see what happens. You can share your discoveries in messages or comments.

P.S. Today we will use the Archetypes and Shadows deck by Chuck Spezzano.

The Victim

The Idler

The Hooker

The Rake

The Exorcist

The Dark Goddess

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