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How Culture Influences for Games’ Preferences Among Adults?

Today I presented my research project 'How Culture Influences for Games’ Preferences Among Adults?' on the the virtual Pace Psychology Conference 2022. I conducted this research as part of my graduate studies at Pace University, New York. As someone who belongs to two cultures, Eastern and Western, and speaks two languages, it was interesting for me to look at the level of influence of culture when choosing a game. An additional stimulus for conducting the study was that I believe that playing games people develop various cognitive functions, such as communication, memory, and creative thinking. Many scientists from different countries have the same opinion (e.g., Blumberg & Fisch, 2013, Ramos, Bianchi, Rebello, & de O.Martins, 2019, Salmina & Tihonova, 2011).

I attached is a summary of the study and results.

The full version of the study, despite the small number of participants, I plan to publish in one of the psychological journals. Be sure to share with you a link to the official publication.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the first step on the road to great exploration!

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