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Participation in the study "How culture influences our game preferences" (research continued)

Last year, I shared with you that as part of my education, I conducted a research on how cultural background influences our choice of games (board or digital) and our intrinsic motivation to choose a game. I presented the first part of my research at a psychology conference at my university (Pace University) in May 2022. This year I continue to explore this topic as part of my MA thesis.

At the moment, I need more participants in my study to write my MA thesis. The survey is completely voluntary and anonymous and will take approximately 15 minutes of your time. Questions are available in both Russian and English. Anyone willing to participate in the study can click on the link and take part in the survey.

The link is valid until April 2023.

Then I will need time to process the results to present my MA thesis in May 2023.

I will be grateful if you participate in my research or share it with your network.

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