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Dance meditation. Day 3. Shoulders & Arms

We continue to get to know and dance with our bodies, and today, we will explore our shoulders and arms.

How often have you heard the expression shoulder the responsibility or put someone on your neck? The last statement especially points to our favorite place in the body, where, having settled down comfortably or not very much, our responsibility, and not only our responsibility, sits or lies with a heavy burden. Thus, we often complain of pain in the shoulders or the feeling of an unliftable slab on them. A sedentary lifestyle also adds stiffness to the upper body. The stiffness goes down the arms, and if we add expressions such as control yourself or keep it together, we get a cycle of control in our lives. Therefore, controlling ourselves does not allow us to show our emotions and act as we want. At some point, our arms, like broken wings, with our shoulders, fall lower and lower, not allowing us to open up to meet our desires. That is why, in our dance meditation, we will relieve ourselves of excessive responsibility and free our wings-hands.

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