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Dance meditation. Day 4. Legs and Hips

Where are your feet? There is no truth in the legs ... the legs do not hold or do not go, etc. These are Russian idioms. In English, we have these: pull someone's leg, have a leg to stand, break a leg, and so on. All of them confirm that the legs are one of the most uncontrollable parts of the body that lives its own life, and you can't trust them, but on which we rely with our whole body. Moreover, this part of the body feeds us because we go to work with our legs. If they don't go, either change work or look for an opportunity to negotiate with your legs.

The hips are the most feminine part of the body. The hips make a woman a woman and create an alluring gait. At the same time, as often we have heard in our lives, do not wag your hips, which practically equals do not express yourself, do not allow yourself to be a woman. As soon as a woman liberates her hips, and allows them to walk from side to side, then life immediately wakes up in her)

So in today's dance meditation, wag your health!

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