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Find your way. Metaphorical cards.

There are many techniques in the world to find your way. My favorite is working with metaphorical cards. They help to go a little further beyond the visible boundaries and expand the horizon of perception of consciousness. If a person is directly asked what they want or what they should do in a given situation, then at best case scenario they can give a direct answer, at worst is no one. When you take a deck of metaphorical cards, then you get a variety of options. The basic thing is to allow yourself to immerse yourself in the picture, to see it, to feel it, to tune in to it.

Once a week I will post 6 cards. Ask yourself the question that wonders you at the moment. Questions can range from direct and specific (will I get a promotion this month?) to abstract (what direction should I go in?). It could be where I can find a resource to get what I want, or how I can find a job, or what's in store for me this week. Look at the 6 cards in front of you. Choose the one that resonates the most and open it in the gallery. Look at it. What do you feel? What associations come to you when you look at the picture? What opportunities does it open for you? Do you need to open another one to clarify the situation for yourself? If necessary, then return to the initial picture with the cards and ask which of them will clarify the situation and repeat the process described above.

Most importantly, don't rush. Connect with the card. Let yourself feel the situation. Breathe. If in the process a vision comes of where to move and what to do, then write it down in your notebook and do a first step.

Have a nice trip and wonderful practice!

P.S. Today it will be the Healing Light Tarot deck by Christopher Butler

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