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Find your way. Metaphorical cards when working with fears.

July 13, 2022, was a powerful Full Moon in Capricorn, which could lift all fears, both generic and personal, and bring to the surface what had been hidden for so long and deeply. At such moments, different patterns of behavior can be risen in a person. Someone wants to climb onto the handles and ask to be pitied and told that everything will be fine. Someone else burrows deeper into the sand or hides under the covers. Someone’s violent temper comes out, and the person begins to show aggression, engage in meaningless disputes, only to let the pain and fear break out and drown out the aching emptiness in every possible way. As you understand, these are only a small fraction of the possible reactions when we are faced with something larger than ourselves. The Fight-Freeze-Run formula has different manifestations, and it manifests itself individually for each person.

In today's selection of metaphorical cards, I decided to turn to the Magic of Unicorns (Diana Cooper deck). You can, as always, ask questions and choose a card to answer a specific question, or simply ask for support during this difficult time and ask what can help you get through your fear. How can you breathe it out? What can you rely on to get through tough times?

After the question is formulated (exactly or abstractly, it's up to you), look at the 6 cards that are in front of you. Choose the one that resonates the most and open it in the gallery. Look at it. How do you feel when you look at the card? What advice did you receive? Did it get easier for you? Do you have any idea which way to go? Or maybe you just exhaled and allowed yourself to relax?

Stay in the Unicorn Magic for as long as you need. You can put the card on your phone screensaver to feed on supportive energy for several days. Breathe, and be mindful for yourself and your body.

P.S. In today's selection, I recommend using only one card.

If you want to receive an additional card’s decryption, write the number of the selected card in the comments and I will send you a description in a personal message.

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