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Dance meditation. Day 2. Face & Head.

Today we will continue our acquaintance with the body and we will get acquainted and dance with our face and head. Our face is what we present to the world. You can't hide it unless it's under a mask or make-up. This part of our body is always in sight. It first meets the words that we hear addressed to us, with glances, and sometimes even with blows. The English language in this regard is more likely to find this confirmation, because the word face can be both a noun and a verb, which can mean to encounter, to face boldly to meet, and also to face without fear. In Russian, we are more likely to encounter such expressions as hitting our face in the dirt or banging our heads against a wall. Even in childhood, for the most part, children hit their heads, and not just against the wall. So, as you see, the face is not only our visiting card, but also the most long-suffering and receptive place. Hence, today we will dance with it)

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